2020 TLC Conference Schedule

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Transformational Leadership Council July 22-24, 2020

Conference Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82377672479

TLC Wednesday 7/22/20      
Eastern Pacific Event People
4:45pm ET 1:45pm PT Open Zoom Meeting/Schmooz  
5:00pm ET 2:00pm PT Opening Candle and Rock Ritual Fred Johnson
5:05pm ET 2:05pm PT Welcome and Intro Daybreakers Bettie Spruille
5:10pm ET 2:10pm PT Let’s Get Energized with the DayBreakers Radha Agrawal and Eli Clark-Davis of Daybreaker 
5:30pm ET 2:30pm PT Opener/Rules Bettie Spruille
5:45pm ET 2:45pm PT Breakout Rooms – Integration Exercise  
6:10pm ET 3:10pm PT Playtime with Matt Matt Weinstein
6:50pm ET 3:50pm PT Music to Warm Our Hearts Sandra Joseph & Ron Bohmer
7:00pm ET 4:00pm PT End  
TLC Thursday 7/23/20      
10:45am ET 7:45am PT Zoom Meeting Open  
10:50am ET 7:50am PT Music for the Soul Fred Johnson
11:00am ET 8:00am PT Greetings and Announcements JJ Virgin
11:20am ET 8:20am PT Seth Godin Keynote Seth Godin
11:45am ET 8:45am PT Break Outs   
12:10pm ET 9:10am PT Welcome Back – Report Out  JJ Virgin
12:25pm ET 9:25am PT Lisa Nichols Talk and Discussion Lisa Nichols
1:30pm ET 10:30am PT Quick Break to Get your meal and Split into Breakout Rooms  
1:45pm ET 10:45am PT Virtual Meal Tables in Hosted Breakout Rooms with Discussion
2:35pm ET 11:35am PT Bio Break  
2:45pm ET 11:45am PT Angela Tennison + Q&A Angela Tennison
3:35pm ET 12:35pm PT Bio Break  
3:40pm ET 12:40am PT Healing Circle  Fred Johnson
4:05pm ET 1:05pm PT The Art of Perception: Think Like a Magician Kostya Kimlat
5:10pm ET 2:10pm PT Close & What’s on Deck for Tomorrow JJ Virgin
5:15pm ET 2:15pm PT End  
TLC Friday 7/24/20      
10:45am ET 7:45am PT Zoom Meeting Open  
11:00am ET 8:00am PT Welcome Lisa Garr
11:15am ET 8:15am PT Share Your True Voice In-Q 
11:50am ET 8:50am PT The Writer’s Journey in Today’s World + Q&A Chris Vogler
12:30pm ET 9:30am PT Quick Break to Get Your Meal and Split into Breakout Rooms  
12:45pm ET 9:45am PT Virtual Meal in Hosted Breakout Rooms with Discussion Questions  
1:35pm ET 10:35am PT Bio Break   
1:40pm ET 10:40am PT Virtualize Your Events for Increased Impact & Profit + Q&A Bari Baumgardner
2:45pm ET 11:45am PT Stretch Break  
2:55pm ET 11:55am PT Why You Need to Be a Podcaster Now + Q&A John Lee Dumas 
3:45pm ET 12:45pm PT Bio Break  
4:00pm ET 1:00pm PT Levity & Longevity (Be prepared to Move) + Q&A Peter Sterios
5:00pm ET 2:00pm PT Sing Along: Imagine Steve Farber
5:25pm ET  2:25pm PT Closing Song / Blow Out Candle Fred Johnson