A Deeper Journey

Hosted by Sher Safran

Please note: Sher’s show, A Deeper Journey, has been discontinued now that we are providing the same behind-the-scenes production services to other organizations and individuals. If you or your organization would like to establish your own channel of shows, please do contact us! In the meantime, enjoy these On Demand shows.


Join host Sher Safran on A Deeper Journey: exploring energy, creativity and possibility through the lives and work of People of Wisdom! Featured guests from around the world share their personal stories of discovering the world of energy through science, medicine, psychology, astrology, intuition, psychic mediumship, Tarot, and more and how they use their gifts and guidance to touch hearts, open minds and enhance life on our planet. Watch, listen and participate in A Deeper Journey!

Previous Episodes of A Deeper Journey:

A Deeper Journey with Sher Safran and Guest: Andrew Martin, Psychic Medium

Join Sher Safran and her featured guest Andrew Martin: Intuitive, Energy Healer, Channel and Spiritual Rebel! Click the “Join the […]

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A Deeper Journey with Sher Safran and Guest: Nicki Scully, Healer in Shamanic Arts

Nicki Scully has been teaching healing, shamanic arts, and the Egyptian Mysteries since 1983. During her first visit to Egypt with […]

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A Deeper Journey with Sher Safran and Guest: Cynthia James, Author of I Choose Me

Cynthia James, transformational specialist and best selling author, joins Sher on A Deeper Journey of self-discovery and empowerment sharing her own story […]

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