About Share Wisdom Network

We are a passionate and dedicated team committed to the expansion of heart-centered wisdom. With over a decade of experience, we serve leading transformational and evolutionary organizations around the world. Our unique and sophisticated online broadcast system expertly engages global audiences with a dynamic, interactive and visually beautiful experience.

Our History

Co-owned by Sher & Rob Safran, Satori Seven Productions, LLC was founded in 2006 to provide full video production services for individuals and companies engaged in sharing heart-centered wisdom around the world.

In 2015, as technology caught up with our vision, we established our online production and streaming solution, Share Wisdom Network, now our full company name as it reflects both our vision and our mission.

Our extraordinary team would love to help you share your heart-centered wisdom, on film or online, by producing your amazing courses, workshops, interviews, panels, promos, and more.

Let us know how we may help!

Our Mission

Now, more than ever, our team at Share Wisdom Network feels the imperative need to expand heart-centered wisdom in our world. We are honored to be of service.