About Share Wisdom Network

We are a passionate and dedicated team committed to the expansion of heart-centered wisdom. With over a decade of experience, we serve leading transformational and evolutionary organizations around the world. Our unique and sophisticated online broadcast system expertly engages global audiences with a dynamic, interactive and visually beautiful experience.

Our History

Co-Founders, Sher and Rob Safran are forever grateful for the opportunity to live and work in their bliss. Diversity of religious and spiritual traditions has been a part of their lives from early on. Sher was raised Christian within kind and embracing Hindu and Muslim communities in India and Rob was raised Jewish within kind and embracing Catholic and Mormon communities in Salt Lake City, Utah. Even before meeting each other, Sher and Rob pursued lifelong explorations of spirituality and world wisdom.

When they met in 2008, they instantly fell in love and soon married – blending not only their families but also their careers. Sher, with expertise in communication and an unexpected aptitude for video production, had founded Satori Seven Productions in 2006, at a time when women-owned video production companies were few and far between. Rob with over 30 years’ experience in IT with large corporations and medical institutions, brought his expertise in technology and a passion for photography and video production. Together they created Share Wisdom Network to support and serve leading Conscious organizations.

Our Mission

Now, more than ever, our team at Share Wisdom Network feels the imperative need to expand heart-centered wisdom in our world. We are honored to be of service.