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A Deeper Journey with Guest: Colleen Mauro, Author of Spiritual Telepathy

December 8, 2016 at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PST

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Join Sher on A Deeper Journey into Spiritual Telepathy with author Colleen Mauro.

The mindfulness revolution taught millions the power of insight and intuition. Neuroscience is explaining how these higher functions of the mind actually work. But where do we go from here? Colleen Mauro, author of Spiritual Telepathy: Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Soul, says our next step is beyond the mind and inward to the soul—with the help of advanced practices that bring about even higher forms of intuitive perception.
While mindfulness and yoga are helpful for our spiritual progress, Colleen explains that in our “out-of-balance world, our very survival requires that we go even deeper within to access ever- higher sources of wisdom and guidance.”

Colleen is the founder and former editor-in-chief of Intuition: A Magazine for the Higher Potential of the Mind, which for over a decade informed a national audience about the emerging field of intuition development. In her new book, she builds upon this legacy by introducing a more advanced form of intuitive perception that she calls spiritual telepathy. Her book offers mind-training practices that will allow readers to access the wisdom of their own souls—and through the soul, to make contact with the divine or universal mind, where information on all subjects can be found. Colleen points out that many of our most celebrated creative thinkers— those people we call geniuses or visionaries—have had the ability to access the higher realms. In their writings, they speak of the soul as the portal to a universal source of inspiration. Colleen assures us that we can all access this portal. “It is possible for each of us to build our bridge to the soul and tap that universal flow of wisdom and knowledge. Genius should no longer be a rare and random event, but an experience that each of us can cultivate.”

Her thirty years of experience in magazine publishing includes work as a publisher, editor, advertising director, and circulation and marketing consultant. She now teaches workshops and seminars on the subject of spiritual telepathy.
For more information, visit: https://www.spiritualtelepathy.net/


July 21, 2016
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