Living & Dying: A Love Story

Filmed in cinéma vérité style, this powerful documentary is about so much more than Death with Dignity;
it is an invitation to change the end-of-life narrative
by embracing living and dying with equal measures of love.

Living and Dying: A Love Story is an intimate family film by Sher and Rob Safran, documenting the last week of Sher’s parents’ life. Retired Kaiser Permanente surgeon, and former medical missionaries, Charlie and Francie, now in their late 80s and residing in a continuing care retirement community, have both been diagnosed with six months or fewer to live. Longtime supporters of the right-to-die movement, Charlie and Francie have chosen to use the State of Oregon’s Death with Dignity option — together.

With loving and logistical support from eldest daughter Jerilyn, medical evaluations by caring physicians, and practical information and guidance from volunteers with End of Life Choices, Charlie and Francie move through the Death with Dignity qualification process.

The family’s remarkable acceptance of death, open communication, and intentional preparation are highlighted in one extraordinary scene where Francie discusses with Jerilyn and Sher the words to use when notifying friends and relatives after she and Charlie die.

As the date for their planned death nears, their family gathers with laughter and tears to celebrate Charlie and Francie’s 70 years together, and to say goodbye. Days later, Charlie and Francie fulfill their heartfelt wish — peacefully passing, hand in hand.


Sher Safran, a former Hospice Interfaith Chaplain and ordained minister in the Presbyterian church, set aside her ordination after 16 years to pursue a more integrative spiritual path through production.

Rob Safran, has over 35 years of experience as an IT software engineer and is a talented producer, videographer and creative entrepreneur.

Sher Safran Photo
Together, they own Satori Seven Productions, LLC, a Conscious multi-media production company founded in 2006 now doing business as Share Wisdom Network. In 2015, Share Wisdom Network was established as the company’s online broadcast extension providing online professional production and streaming solutions for individuals and companies making a difference in the world.


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