Conscious Conversations with Marianne Marlow and Guest: Victoria Leo On Taking Action to Make Change

Join Marianne Marlow, Psychotherapist and Relationship Specialist for an hour of Conscious Conversation with ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

Marianne Marlow, is a presenter, trainer, psychotherapist, and relationship specialist. The foundation of her work is: relationships test bravery, reveal courage, and lead to evolution. Healthy relationships rewire us dynamically inspiring us to positively influence the world!
Marianne’s passion lies in assisting those daring for authentic relationships. She trains coaches, therapists, physicians, attorneys, and thought-leaders internationally in highly-experiential programs and retreats.
She is secretary of WMHCA and a Certified Daring Way Facilitator. As a public and industry presenter, she extends her expertise by teaching personal and professional resiliency. As a master therapist, she supervises and professionally develops coaches and therapists.
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A Deeper Journey with Sher Safran and Guest: Emily Hine, Compassion/Mindfulness Teacher

Emily Hine, Former Chief of Peace for The Shift Network, joins Sher on A Deeper Journey exploring the remarkable partnerships between businesses and nonprofits to increase mindfulness, compassion and peace on the planet. She is the Host for The Global Compassion Summit on July 13 & 14, 2016.

CEO, HineSight Consulting, Compassion/Mindfulness Teacher, Inspirational Writer/Speaker: Emily Hine has 25 years experience creating social change through fundraising, volunteer management, marketing and public speaking. She has designed and implemented large-scale campaigns that have raised over $150 million for nonprofit organizations. Emily spent many years at Microsoft Corporation before profound meditation experiences inspired her to dedicate her life to advancing peace and compassion in the world.

In 2008, Emily served on the Executive Team for Seeds of Compassion, a global event with the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu that gathered 150,000 people and contributed to the current worldwide compassion movement. While moderating a panel discussion, Emily made a commitment to the Dalai Lama to expand compassion education.

She is fulfilling her promise by hosting The Global Compassion Summit – an online educational program designed to inspire, inform and involve a global audience in the compassion movement. Emily is a Certified Compassion Cultivation Training™ (CCT) Teacher from the Center for Compassion Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University and she teaches the 8-week CCT protocol in the community and in businesses. Emily is also on faculty with The Shift Network’s Peace Education Programs.

As CEO of HineSight Consulting, Emily partners with businesses, nonprofits and social enterprises that share the goal of increasing mindfulness, compassion and peace on the planet. And, she is an inspirational writer and public speaker.

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A Deeper Journey with Sher Safran and Guest: Sylvia Henderson, Transformational Intuitive

Join Sher Safran and featured guest Sylvia Henderson: a former Microsoft paralegal turned Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath. Click the “Join the Show” button during the show to receive a powerful reading from Sylvia.

Sylvia’s Story:

As a former Microsoft paralegal with a fairly rational mind and both feet planted firmly on the ground in corporate America, the last thing I wanted was to be a “woo-woo” kind of girl.  I’ve always been “down to earth,” practical, and super conservative.

However, I am naturally intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient and strongly emphatic.  I have studied over 20 different healing modalities and have developed my own combination of what works best for my clients.  That and raising two sons with Autism pointed my life in a direction I never before dreamed of exploring.

All of this has made me a highly effective energy healer, or rather an Energy Alchemist, meaning that I will help you transform your life from low, heavy, non-productive, self-limiting, and stagnant energy, to high, vibrant, light, empowering, supportive, and creative energy.   My sessions have changed the lives of my clients in truly remarkable ways.

In addition, I am also an intuitive life coach, a dynamic public speaker, and an entertaining host of my own radio show on

My clients are very much like you.  They are intelligent, professional, well educated, and successful, yet they want their personal lives to improve.  They want the freedom to pursue their dreams and life purpose, to speak their truth, and be authentic without the fear of being judged by others.  And, most of all … they just want to feel good about life and be happy.

If you are finally ready to stop your negative self-limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors, then you are in the right place.

My highest calling is showing spiritually open women and men how to realign with their Soul Purpose, to reconnect with their authentic Divine truth, to trust their inner wisdom, change their self-limiting patterns, and reclaim all of their personal power.

My practice is based on quantum physics and spiritual truths that …

  • We create our own reality (“As a man thinks, so he is.” – prov. 23:7)
  • The reality we experience is a result of our beliefs, perceptions, and emotional judgments (Our Mindsets)
  • We live in a magnetic vibrational Universe where like attracts like (EVERYTHING is Energy)
  • Everything is subject to change
  • We have the power to change everything that is subject to change 

To learn more about Sylvia, visit her website: 

A Deeper Journey with Sher Safran and Guest: Krysta Gibson, Author of Anything Is Possible

Krysta Gibson, an early champion of People of Wisdom and the publisher and co-editor of New Spirit Journal, joins Sher on A Deeper Journey to explore her own path to deeper wisdom, sharing her live experiences from her exceptional memoir: Anything Is Possible.

Krysta is the publisher and co-editor of New Spirit Journal. She has been on her spiritual path her entire life and brings an eclectic blend of experiences and ideas to her consulting work.

Krysta was raised in a traditional and conservative Catholic home in San Antonio, Texas. Her mother was a school teacher and her father was a carpenter. Krysta attended parochial schools and wanted to become a nurse or a nun when she grew up. (Most women didn’t think of becoming doctors then, they became nurses.)

At the tender age of 15, Krysta joined a small Irish order of nuns. She loved the atmosphere of the convent but after five years, she knew she had another calling and returned to the world, one day before her 21st birthday. In 1983, a friend introduced Krysta to the teachings of Ernest Holmes and she felt she had come home philosophically.

Krysta has worked as a drug counselor (she has a degree in psychology), employment consultant, NC machine operator, insurance agent, Mary Kay consultant, general manager of a retirement/assisted living/dementia community, executive director of a non-profit senior center, and newspaper editor.

Krysta eventually moved to Seattle, Washington and started The New Times newspaper, with no money, no rich relatives, and only one or two local contacts. The New Times grew to have more than 40,000 readers and became well-known nationally as well as in the Pacific Northwest.

During the 11 years she published The New Times, Krysta met and interviewed some of the great spiritual minds of our times, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Shakti Gawain, Julie Cameron, John and Jan Price, and a multitude of others. She studied many different traditions and was exposed to a very wide variety of ideas.

She eventually sold The New Times and made her way into the world of eldercare where she managed a retirement and dementia care community and eventually became executive director of a non-profit senior center.

In May of 2005, at the urging of many friends and former New Times readers, Krysta started a similar newspaper, New Spirit Journal. Since then she has written several books, two of which have been published in Spain, as well as several audio programs. To learn more visit: