Video Production Solutions

Non-Profit Videos

You are making a difference in the world. We can help!

We bring a deep understanding of the unique challenges nonprofit organizations face in balancing a message of great need with a message of great hope. We are skilled at creating that balance – through stories – from anywhere in the world.




Fundraising Video for a Cutting Edge Integrative Cancer Healing and Research Center in Seattle, Washington, USA.





Informative Video of Transformative Work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, with an Emphasis on Life-Changing Girls’ Education


Business Videos

Your business enhances lives. We can enhance your business!

One professional video is worth a thousand words. We produce compelling business videos that will inform and inspire your clients – conveying your unique message and purpose behind the products and services you offer.




Promotional Video Explaining the Remarkable Impact and Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Integrative Palliative Care.





Promotional Video for Expert Sales Coaching and Communication Training for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Sales Teams.


Family Legacy Videos

Memories are precious. Preserve them with a Family Legacy Video!

In the comfort of your own home, share with us your memories, your stories, your family photos, and home movies and we will create a feature film that will be treasured for generations. There is no time like the present for sharing memories of the past!




Family Legacy Videos are for your private use. We are grateful to Rhama Danz for graciously sharing her Family Legacy Video with all of us.


Documentary Videos

Documentaries are powerful change agents. We can help you change the world.

This 45-minute documentary unexpectedly tells our own story.



“Filmed in cinéma vérité style, this powerful documentary is about so much more than Death with Dignity; it is an invitation to change the end-of-life narrative by embracing living and dying with equal measures of love.”

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We Film in our Kirkland, Washington Studio and Anywhere in the World!

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